FHA 2016 Review 2016-04-28

Thank you to everyone who came to visit our booth and showed support at FHA 2016 exhibition in Singapore, April 12-15. We are very grateful for the interest we received and all the business discussions we had with present and potential future clients.


As we had informed, we introduced our newly developed ice makers and undercounter units at the booth. Their sophisticated designs and durability appealed to visitors and the brand-new products attracted international attentions. We will keep reinforcing the overseas sales network by expanding its product lines while maintaining high product quality and price competitiveness.


We also appreciate those who attended our banquet dinner on the second day at Long Beach King restaurant. We enjoyed the conversations and learning more about your local markets very much. Thank you again.


We hope seeing more of you at our next exhibition, Seoul Food 2016, May 10-13.



                                                              [Lassele Booth]




                                               [Dinner Banquet @ Long Beach King]