Ice storage bin, Stainless steel inside, Adjustable legs 

Design Features

Excellent quality of the stainless steel that helps minimize dents, scratches and rust and offers long-life durability and easy maintenance

Ergonomic designs for the best kitchen working environment



Model LB-500S
Storage Bin
Exterior Dimension mm 762 x 825 x 1174*
(W x D x H) inch 31 x 35 x 46.2*
Packing Dimension mm 860 x 990 x 1174
(W x D x H) inch 34 x 39 x 46.2
Net Weight kg 39
lb 87
Gross Weight kg 51
lb 113
Ice Storage kg 167
lb 370
Certification Sanitation - ETL
* 153 mm (6 inch) leg included